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The difference between a marketing agency and an advertising agency

Tags: Marketing, Marketing Agency, Advertising Agency, Advertising

When a business is looking to grow, build their brands or build their business, a marketing agency (or consultancy) and an advertising agency can assist in achieving this goal. Both types of...

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Market segmentation, target market & buyer personas defined

Tags: market segmentation, target market, buyer personas

Market segmentation is an important stage of the marketing planning process. Segmenting in marketing involves separating the broader market that is made up of your current and potential consumers...

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Making Marketing Plans happen

Tags: Marketing Strategy, Planning, Marketing Planning, Business Planning

A marketing plan is paramount for achieving business growth. The purpose of a marketing plan is to assess the current market position of your business and develop marketing strategies and actions...

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The importance of brand awareness

Tags: Marketing, Online Marketing, Brand Recognition, Brand Recall, Brand Awareness, Brand

What is brand awareness?

Brand awareness is the possibility that consumers have a level of familarity and knowledge about your brand. Firstly, a brand is represented by distinctive logos, symbols,...

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Inbound Marketing Results

Tags: Marketing Strategy, Inbound Marketing, Marketing, Website, Lead generation

Inbound marketing combines content marketing, marketing automation, email marketing, SEO and more to provide a complete marketing system for your business. It can be used to aid the marketing...

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How much should I spend on marketing for sales lead generation?

Tags: Marketing, Lead generation, marketing spend

This is one of the most difficult marketing questions to answer as there are so many variables. There are many different ways to consider the appropriate amount to spend on marketing. I will...

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SEO tips to improve your website Visibility and ranking

Tags: Marketing Strategy, Online Marketing, SEO

What is SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)? SEO is a fundamental online marketing tool and strategy used to generate organic traffic to your website in order to achive a higher ranking in Google...

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Congratulations to Core Medical Solutions

Tags: Marketing Strategy, Marketing, Congratulations

Many congratulations go to our Adelaide based client of over 15 years, Core Medical Solutions. Last week they were very excited to announce that their business has been acquired by Allscripts.

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Simple Lead Generation Strategies

Tags: Inbound Marketing, Online Marketing, Sales, Lead generation

Lead generation is a marketing term used to acquire new customers and it plays a critical role in the sales funnel process for converting leads into customers. A ‘lead’ is defined as a potential...

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7 Step Process for Developing a Winning Sales Presentation

Tags: FAB sales, Sales method, Sales, Planning Process

The sales presentation is a much ignored part of the sales process. When you go to courses or read posts on this subject you are presented with items like how to prospect for leads, sales systems,...

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