What is inbound marketing?

by Adam Basheer, on 05-Nov-2021 13:41:00

Perhaps the most tangible and effective form of marketing today, 'inbound marketing' is an online method used to promote your business or organisation to help customers find you. It is the process of presenting educational content that addresses questions that your prospects/potential customers are searching for, and helps them make informed purchase decisions. Inbound marketing brings together various types of tools such as blogs, SEO, eNewsletters and eBooks into one effective and highly measurable online strategy.

Click to the right to get a quick and easy introduction to inbound marketing, providing you with an overview of the philosophy (why it works) and methodology (how it works). Inbound_Marketing_Guide.png

Once you begin to organically attract new visitors to your website, the goal is to then convert those visitors into leads by gathering their contact information and nurturing them by providing  valuable and tailored content. Download the lead generation guide below to understand the process in more detail and read more in our Simple Lead Generation blog.


Advantages of the inbound marketing method:

  • Increase in web traffic
  • Increase in sales leads through the web
  • Very high measurability of all online marketing activities
  • Easier to analyse and track conversion rates
  • Excellent for B2B or B2C marketing
  • Increases your sales closing rate

Whether you are a small or large business, if you are thinking about using the inbound marketing method as your strategic business direction, Fit 4 Market can help you get started with the strategy, planning and implementation of marketing activities which directly align with the inbound marketing philosophy. Check out our lead generation tips, tricks and ideas download below for more details.

 Lead Generation Guide Download


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