8 Effective Branding Tips

by Adam Basheer, on 17-May-2017 16:40:20

Branding is equally important for both small and large businesses. Many business owners perceive branding as just a logo and therefore believe is not an essential component for their marketing success. Little do they realise that many successful brands have effective branding, as branding provides businesses with numerous benefits such as having a strong identity, personality and a point of difference, which are crucial factors to help you stand out from the crowd.

Below are eight effective branding tips to help you build a strong brand for your business.


1.  Think analytically

Branding is not as simple as having a catch phrase or a logo. A brand that stands out from the crowd is one which is associated with the product's competitive advantage.

2.  Maintain your brand

Repeat the same message on all your marketing material, in your emails and when you are face-to-face with your customers. For example, think of Nike, who has used "Just Do It" as a logo across all their marketing campaigns.

3.  Target your market

Don’t aim to be the ‘one glove fits all’ type brand. The best results are achieved when you focus on your target market, creating a brand that is relevant and an 'image' that speaks to them. This also allows you to build strong relationships with your customers and improves your brand value.

4.  Commit yourself to a brand

One rule of thumb is that when you have become tired of your logo, tagline and branding efforts, that's when they begin to sink in with customers. So, stick with it.

5.  Create a unique value proposition

A unique value proposition is what makes you different from your competitors. It comes in the form of an effective statement or combination of statements which describe your business to customers, in a manner which will make them want to engage with you and buy from you. The FAB Technique (Features, Advantages, Benefits) is the best way to start to design your value proposition so it really communicates to customers. Download the FAB Technique guide to find a more detailed description of the technique, plus examples of how to use it.

6.  Speak with ‘one voice’

Speaking with one voice simply means that your marketing communications and messages must be consistent across all mediums so your customers can identify and understand your product or service.

7.  Having a dedicated marketing plan

Many companies come up with ideas to market themselves and establish a brand identity but have neither the resources nor a plan as to how they will reach their audience. You must have a well-thought out marketing plan in place before your branding strategy will work.

8.  Aim to build a strong online presence

The first step to building strong an online presence is to have a website. Every business of any size or industry must have a well-designed website. A website also forms a crucial component of your marketing strategy and establishes credibility of your brand. You can then start to use effective lead generation tools to build your brand awareness and drive more visitors to your website.

Some online lead generation tools include:

To gain a better understanding of lead generation, you can download the 18 Greatest Online Lead Generation Tips, Tricks and Ideas guide. The free guide identifies what crucial elements are needed to make lead generation happen as well as recommended online channels for achieving optimal results.

If you're at the stage of developing a brand and would like further assistance, please contact Fit 4 Market, marketing strategy and inbound marketing specialists.

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