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Tips for Turning a Prospect into a Customer

Tags: Prospects, Customer

Have you ever wondered why you have all these contacts but very little of them are actually customers? It could be because you are not doing enough to convert prospects into customers. A lot of...

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The Importance of Touch Points for Sales Leads

Tags: Sales, Sales Leads

A touch point is any interaction between your business and a prospect that will influence the way they feel about your product or service. It can come in any form, including company logos, the...

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What type of companies benefit most from Inbound Marketing?

Tags: Inbound Marketing, Online Marketing, Sales, Lead generation

After you have asked the question “What is Inbound Marketing?” most people then want to understand if it is for them. So, what type of companies benefit most from Inbound Marketing?Well the review...

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The Marketing Path to 2020 - a Review

Tags: Inbound Marketing

A recent report by The Economist Intelligence Unit has described how marketing will change and develop between now and 2020 and what is important for your business to focus on. The report has been...

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How To Select The Right Marketing Activities For Your Business

Tags: Inbound Marketing, Lead generation, Brand Awareness, Marketing activities

In the last two to four years marketing activities have become largely driven by inbound marketing strategies designed to convert more online sales leads. Certainly, the internet is a great means...

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The 5 Keys to Developing a Solid Marketing Plan

Tags: Marketing Plan, Inbound Marketing, Marketing activities

Does your business have a solid marketing plan in place to attract and retain customers? If not, it definitely should. A solid marketing plan can be the difference between your business succeeding...

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Marketing to the Mining Industry

Tags: Marketing, Mining, Mining Service Providers, Marketing to the Mining Industry

Mining suppliers and service companies tend to be great at providing their products and services but not so great at marketing them to the industry. Many will tell you that they sell by referral...

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What is re-marketing and why would I use it?

Tags: Inbound Marketing, Marketing activities, Re-marketing

Have you ever wondered if there was a way you could target your online advertising towards potential customers who have visited your website but have not been converted to a sale yet?

This is a...

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8 Business-to-Business Marketing Strategies that Really Work

Tags: b2b, Marketing activities, B2B Marketing

What do business professionals think about marketing in the business-to-business (B2B) environment? We examined survey results and reports* that compiled data on the topic, and created a list of...

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Choosing The Right Marketing Agency: Large Budget vs Small To Moderate Budget

Tags: Marketing Strategy, Marketing Agency

Inevitably the marketing budget may determine the type of marketing company you need. For the larger budgets in the millions per annum then it will almost certainly be an advertising agency which...

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