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by Adam Basheer, on 08-Mar-2018 13:50:15

In today’s digital environment your website is the first point of contact you have with your customers. This means that having an enticing and informative website is one of the …

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Topics:Digital MarketingLead Generation

by Adam Basheer, on 04-Dec-2017 16:22:00

Understanding the sales funnel and the different stages that potential customers travel through can help you dramatically increase the amount of customers your business receives. A sales funnel is the …

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Topics:Sales Methodology

by Adam Basheer, on 04-Dec-2017 16:16:44

Sales are often very difficult to obtain in a business, especially in markets where the customer need a high level of involvement to purchase the product. Every business needs a …

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Topics:B2BSales Strategies

by Adam Basheer, on 04-Dec-2017 16:16:12

Have you ever wondered why you have all these contacts but very little of them are actually customers? It could be because you are not doing enough to convert prospects …

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Topics:Lead GenerationCustomers

by Adam Basheer, on 04-Dec-2017 16:15:11

A touch point is any interaction between your business and a prospect that will influence the way they feel about your product or service. It can come in any form, …

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Topics:Lead Generation

by Adam Basheer, on 27-Sep-2017 15:14:59

After you have asked the question “What is Inbound Marketing?” most people then want to understand if it is for them. So, what type of companies benefit most from Inbound …

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Topics:Inbound MarketingDigital MarketingLead Generation

by Adam Basheer, on 06-Sep-2017 16:30:45

A recent report by The Economist Intelligence Unit has described how marketing will change and develop between now and 2020 and what is important for your business to focus on …

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Topics:Inbound Marketing

by Adam Basheer, on 06-Sep-2017 16:00:07

In the last two to four years marketing activities have become largely driven by inbound marketing strategies designed to convert more online sales leads. Certainly, the internet is a great …

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Topics:Marketing StrategyInbound MarketingBrand PositioningLead Generation

by Adam Basheer, on 06-Sep-2017 15:34:16

Does your business have a solid marketing plan in place to attract and retain customers? If not, it definitely should. A solid marketing plan can be the difference between your …

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Topics:Marketing PlanMarketing StrategyInbound Marketing

by Adam Basheer, on 21-Aug-2017 15:48:38

Mining suppliers and service companies tend to be great at providing their products and services but not so great at marketing them to the industry. Many will tell you that …

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Topics:Marketing PlanLead Generation