Choosing The Right Marketing Agency: Online Advertising vs Inbound Marketing

by Adam Basheer, on 24-Jul-2017 15:39:02

Online advertising focuses on the myriad of advertising techniques on the internet. Its goals can be brand awareness, targeting specific markets or even trying to get mass awareness through some type of viral campaign. Best completed by an advertising agency or more likely a digital marketing agency the realm of online advertising can provide some great rewards to online retailers.

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Inbound marketing (sometimes called content marketing) focuses on getting customers to find you by providing your expertise to the customer through your website, blog posts and valuable content. Rather than advertising, you are setting up your website as a key hook to bring customers to you in the medium to long term. The bonus here is that the work you put in on your marketing now has a longevity which online advertising does not have. For this you specifically need an inbound marketing specialist.

Marketing examples:

  1. You are an online retailer with many products pushing through your distribution chain.
    Go direct to digital marketing specialist e.g. AdWords or SEO expert

  2. You are a high value environmental consultant who is trying to significantly expand the business.
    Go to a Marketing Consultancy with an inbound marketing specialty.


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How to Brief a Marketing Company

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