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Choosing The Right Marketing Agency: Brand Awareness vs Sales Lead Generation

by Adam Basheer, on 24-Jul-2017 15:42:26

Depending on your industry and product, your marketing will have different goals. If you are in a purely retail market then building brand awareness and providing customer calls to action become the major focus. This is certainly the realm of an advertising specialist.

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Sales lead generationis often a business to business (B2B) requirement and sometimes a business to consumer (B2C) goal when you are dealing with high involvement sales with a customer. This will tend to be for larger purchases ($500 plus) where an ongoing client relationship is likely. This is much more likely to come from a marketing consultancy than from an advertising agency, and developed from a content marketing (or inbound marketing) approach online and a sales funnel approach offline.  

Marketing examples:

  1. You are major brand retailer with a variety of products across several markets.
    Go to an advertising agency with significant brand advertising experience.

  2. You are a professional service provider who is competing in a crowded market.
    Go to a Marketing Consultancy with an inbound marketing specialty.

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