Tips for Turning a Prospect into a Customer

by Adam Basheer, on 04-Dec-2017 16:16:12

Have you ever wondered why you have all these contacts but very little of them are actually customers? It could be because you are not doing enough to convert prospects into customers. A lot of prospects are not converting to customers simply because they are not ready to purchase yet. This could be due to a variety of reasons, they might not have the budget yet, they are waiting on higher approval, or it could even be as simple as they are going on holidays next month and will deal with it when they get back. This means it is important to communicate with the prospects so when they are ready to purchase, they don’t feel ignored and will choose you. The following points will all help prospects become customers.


Solve Their Problems

A prospect will not purchase your product or service unless it can solve the problem they are setting out to fix. This means you need to listen to the prospect, find out their issues, and show them how your product can help them.

Respond to Questions

Prospects are likely to have many queries about your product or service. It is important that you answer these quickly in order to gain their trust. Prospects are still learning about their issue and how you can solve it, so if you can help ease them along this path, they are more likely to choose you. Doing this personably is also very important as you are trying to build a relationship with a prospect. A phone call is always better than a generic, mass-produced email.

Touch Points

Touch points are an important interaction between your brand and the customer. Touch points can be anything from your company logo to a review someone read online, or any physical interaction. Keeping the quality and quantity of touch points high is important as they can build trust with the prospect. Before trust is built between a customer and a company, between 5 to 12 touch points are needed. This trust is important as they are then more likely to choose you when deciding which product or service is best for them.

A great touch point is email newsletters. According to a study by Campaign Monitor, the ideal “sweet spot” (where the most people see your emails without people unsubscribing) for sending emails in a B2B setting is every two weeks. However, this may change depending on what you are selling and who you are selling to. Just remember that the main point is that these emails should contain relevant, valuable information. These emails should include any information you feel the prospects may benefit from.

These points all help you build not only a relationship with a client but trust too. This trust is extremely important when it comes to a prospect transforming into a customer.

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