Choosing The Right Marketing Agency: Large Budget vs Small To Moderate Budget

by Adam Basheer, on 24-Jul-2017 15:45:32

Inevitably the marketing budget may determine the type of marketing company you need. For the larger budgets in the millions per annum then it will almost certainly be an advertising agency which you will seek to fully service your needs. You may supplement this strategically from time to time with other marketing consultancies but in general one agency will be your main partner.

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If your budget is $200k per annum plus then a combination of smaller service providers may be best. Certainly, a good graphic designer is worth building a relationship, a marketing consultant and perhaps an online agency or inbound marketing company.

For $50k up then a marketing consultancy working with online and offline components simultaneously is a good solution.

Under $50k per year in budget means a highly focused approach is needed. This would often mean getting some marketing advice from a consultancy, putting together a marketing plan and then implementing the marketing plan either directly with a marketing execution specialist (e.g. website designer or social media specialist, etc.).

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