5 Ways to Generate Sales Leads With Your Blog

by Adam Basheer, on 08-May-2018 10:40:07

Blogging in business has become more than just being a way for you to tell your customers about the latest news concerning your business. Blogging is one part of an inbound marketing strategy, but if used correctly, can generate massive amounts of leads.  In recent years the humble blog has proven to be an incredibly effective source for generating more sales and leads for businesses everywhere, with HubSpot reporting that marketers who prioritise blogging are 13 times more likely to enjoy a positive ROI. 

But how do these marketers achieve such an impressive ROI in the first place?

Don’t worry because we’re about to reveal to you the top 5 ways you can generate sales and leads with your blog.


Highlight your products or services

The most direct tactic of generating sales with your blog is to simply write a post highlighting your product or service. Blogging gives you the ability to communicate the features of your product directly to your customer without any interference. Nowadays people don’t want to go to all the trouble of dealing with sales reps and want to find out the information for themselves. More than just writing an article about the product itself, create content that shows the hidden benefits of your product as well. Show your potential customers the different ways that your product can help them by talking about relevant topics. Doing this ensures that your product is always kept at the forefront of the reader’s mind.

Use content upgrades

Instead of directly promoting your lead magnets consider adding a call to action (CTA) inside your blog posts, whether that’s directly inside the post itself or using strategically placed ads in places like the sidebar. Place your lead magnets inside relevant pieces of content, whether it’s inside the post itself or at the end. For example, if you happen to have a lead magnet that’s about increasing Instagram followers, consider offering that lead magnet inside an article about the latest Instagram marketing tactics. By using this tactic you can drastically increase the chances of people following through on your CTA because you know that they’re already interested. Brian Dean famously increased his conversion rate by 785% using this simple tactic.

Establish Your Authority and Influence

The best business blogs in the world are able to nurture leads and organically drive leads to their website by answering common questions they know their customers have. Take a moment to think about what pain points your customers often go through and create content around that. By being able to consistently deliver helpful and knowledgeable advice, you are effectively demonstrating to potential customers that you are a brand that can be trusted. Also by consistently publishing relevant educational material you’re encouraging your prospects to learn more about your industry and why you’re the best in the entire market.

Share customer success stories

Help reinforce the benefits of your product in a potential customer’s mind by simply sharing the success stories of previous customers. Humans are naturally social creatures who are afraid of the risks that come with the unknown. Circumvent that by showing off the fact that there are many people who have benefited from doing business with you. This can be as easy as adding customer testimonials on the front page, or devoting entire feature articles around particularly successful customers. Alleviate that fear by showing proof that if this has worked for someone else before then it can definitely work for them.

Invite influencers to guest post on your blog

Over the past few years it has been proven time and time again that influencer marketing is one of the most powerful tactics in a marketer’s arsenal. Influencers already come with a pre-built audience that trust them and their advice, so why not take advantage of that? Look for relevant influencers within your niche and invite them to create content for your blog. Not only does this provide you with a piece of great content but, more importantly, it helps you draw in that influencer’s audience who may not even know about your business’s existence until now. The inverse can also work just as effectively where you can post on a relevant influencer’s blog as a way to market yourself and your brand to their audience.

Pair these tips with the tips in our Simple Lead Generation blog and the amount of leads your business generates will improve dramatically.


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