Choosing The Right Marketing Agency: Online Marketing Vs Offline Marketing

by Adam Basheer, on 24-Jul-2017 15:32:14

Internet marketing is at least 50% of marketing in the modern era. Larger companies have developed internet marketing specialists and entire online marketing departments. Major advertising agencies have developed entire online advertising divisions within their organisations. Therefore, most people will want a marketing company with at least some specific online expertise. The decision then becomes what type of online marketing is right for you?

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Traditional marketing (offline marketing) must not be ignored though. Everything from producing a decent brochure that represents your organisation or product appropriately, through to developing specific sales strategies becomes part of the entire marketing bundle. If your main marketing bottleneck is in the sales funnel then you need significant sales expertise combined with marketing knowledge to overcome this. This is most likely going to be more the realm of a marketing consultant with experience in sales techniques.

Marketing examples:

  1. You are an online retailer with many products pushing through your distribution chain.
    Go direct to digital marketing specialist e.g. AdWords, SEO, or inbound marketing specialist

  2. You are a high value consultant who is trying to significantly expand the business.
    Go to a Marketing Consultancy with experience in high value sales techniques.

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