Choosing The Right Marketing Agency: Marketing Execution vs Marketing Strategy

by Adam Basheer, on 24-Jul-2017 15:35:53

If you pretty much know what marketing you need to do and how it is going to be accomplished then most likely you need some type of marketing agency to do it for you. Depending on what the activities are, you will choose a different type of agency. For example, if you are more likely to be doing TV, radio or magazine advertising you will likely need a traditional advertising agency. If it sits more in the digital realm, with a lot of Google AdWords or YouTube commercials, then a digital advertising agency is probably for you. Alternatively, you may simply need a graphic designer to bring your ideas to life.

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If you have been doing the same thing for a while and have not been getting the results you want, or don’t quite know what you next steps should be (and don’t want to waste a lot of money doing something that is not going to work) then you need some marketing strategy advice. This could include doing some marketing research and putting together a marketing plan. For this role, a strategic marketing consulting firm or individual marketing consultant is what you need. This type of marketing consultancy will assist you to identify your problem and identify the best marketing solution. Creating a marketing strategy is often the most difficult part of the marketing mix but it is also the most important part. You might need help with your target market, understanding customer behaviour, brand positioning, developing brand awareness strategies, lead generation strategies or online marketing. It is a marketing consultancy which will help you to understand the market and your customers and set the direction to increase your sales.

Marketing examples:

  1. You are a managed service provider with a well-established means of getting business and want to maintain or increase marketing then go directly to the service providers most able to complete your marketing requirements.
    Go direct to marketing specialist e.g. inbound marketing agency, social media, web designer.

  2. You are a managed service provider who is trying to significantly expand the business and are unsure of where you should be putting your effort (and money) most effectively to grow.
    Go to a Strategic Marketing Consultancy to work through the best strategic marketing alternatives and put together a solid marketing strategy and marketing plan.

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