4 Apps that actually help you drive sales

by Adam Basheer, on 08-May-2018 11:05:40

Are you a new business just starting out? Or simply finding out ways to increase sales?

If so, you should be looking at the vast potential available online. You may already have an online store, website, blog, and all that jazz.
But what about apps?

Smartphone apps aren’t just for convenience and entertainment. They can have some solid business value too, like the ones below.


1. Email Pirate

Email marketing is one of the most common channels through which sales teams can achieve a higher sales volume. Need some proof? There have been several surveys showing that email marketing is absolutely worth pursuing. The results of these are given below:

  • Emails generate an ROI of about 4,300%, according to Direct Marketing Association.
  • Email marketing leads to 40% higher chances of acquiring clients as compared to Facebook and Twitter, according to McKinsey.
  • Subscribing to an emailing list can help your clients avail special offers and deals. Around 60% of subscribers say that their main reason for being on such lists is due to these perks.
  • 88% of marketing professionals believe that email marketing produces high ROI, according to Business Wire.

Wondering what Email Pirate has to do with email marketing?

This app enables you to create an opt-in form that matches the unique look of your website. When the potential clients will visit your website, they’ll be able to see an opt-in window where they’ll be required to enter their contact details. That way, you don’t have to work with developers to come up with email subscription forms. Just an app will perform the task. Besides, Email Pirate allows you to display a targeted business message to your website visitors on a specific category or web page.

2. Hubspot

Want to close more deals without putting in a lot of effort? HubSpot’s sales software is the answer.  Hubspot is an inbound marketing software tool that includes the sales software. It comprises of specialised tools that help you add a higher level of user-engagement during the sales process. The result is a shorter deal cycle. Hubspot also has a range of products within the software that can help streamline your marketing processes, including email and blog posts. 

3. Product Upsell

Once you’ve successfully managed to close the deals with HubSpot, you can increase the sales volume too. That’s when Product Upsell comes in. This app is rated as the topmost application at Shopify, and with good reason. Product Upsell enables you to give your clients a customisable offer as an ‘upsell’ when they finalise their orders.  At the checkout point, this app sees what a client has and offers them something based on their preferences. Product Upsell uses this feature on the current shopping cart. For instance, it will automatically offer additional products such as laptop cases, camera cases, or headphones cases to those who are willing to purchase laptops, cameras, or headphones. Since customers are making a purchase anyway, they’re much more inclined to get something related to their new possessions right at that moment. This has resulted in conversion rates of 22%.

4. Quick Facebook Chat

This is a completely free app that allows you to chat with potential and existing clients in a personalised manner. This will make your online presence accessible and convenient, which your target audience would highly appreciate.  You can up your customer service and support through this app, as well as enhance the user experience of potential clients who interact with you via the chat option. That’s because many internet users prefer messaging platforms over personal emails, phone calls, or old chatting formats like MSN. Another reason is that this app makes it easier to ask questions and get an immediate response from the sales personnel. You can insert a Quick Facebook Chat widget on your website to encourage conversations before a client can forget about your services. This way, you’ll be able to shorten the lengthy and time-consuming conversations – thereby, leading to the sales funnel. Quick Facebook Chat also allows you to store all conversations right in the chat. There are synced across devices, so there’s no need to keep a backup right away. Plus, the whole setting is familiar to any technologically-savvy client, making them more likely to complete a purchase.



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